FAQ About Contact Improvisation
What should I wear?
Loose clothes that you can roll around in. Some people find it most comfortable to wear long pants, even in summer. No flowing scarves, etc., that could get caught while rolling around with someone else. Contact works best without glasses or jewelry that could get damaged or injure someone else. Most Contact dancers find that knee pads are helpful. We sell Contact Improvisation knee pads for $14/pair.
What does it cost?
People pay for Contact on a donation basis. $5 is suggested. No one is turned away.
Do I need to have dance experience?
No. While trained modern dancers around the world have utilized Contact Improvisation extensively in creating choreography, Contact is very often done by people who are not trained dancers. If you have a significant injury or movement issue Contact may not work for you, but dance training is definitely not required.
I have a physical disability. Can I participate?
Yes. All of our locations are wheelchair-accessible, with wheelchair-accessible restrooms. There is a long history of people in wheelchairs participating in Contact; some do so in their wheelchairs and some do so on the floor. People with other disabilities are also welcome.
Contact Improv Dancers in Action